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Family Promise wants to give your family the best possible opportunity to move forward and thrive, but we can only do the work with you, not for you.  Our ability to partner with you requires the following:

  • Communication and Trust – We can only help your family if we have a thorough and accurate understanding of your circumstances and if we can trust you to be honest as we work together.
  • Hard Work and Follow-Through – Making lasting changes is difficult.  Whether the obstacles your family faces are internal, external, or both, it will take hard work and commitment to move in a positive direction.  You will be asked to set goals with our case manager and follow-through on completing them.
  • Responsibility – We ask you to take ownership of your choices, to save at least 70% of all income earned while in the program, and to make positive, future-directed choices.
  • Respect – Treat staff, volunteers, other families and members of your family with courtesy and respect.
  • Program Compliance – To make sure everyone remains safe and the program functions well, we have various boundaries in place, and all guest families are expected to follow Family Promise guidelines.  These include staying alcohol and drug free, completing daily chores, appropriately supervising your children, and arriving/leaving at the designated times, among other guidelines.

Family Promise of East Bell County wants to help you succeed!